Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello World, Revolve Around Me

As far as summers go, this has been one of my faves. Yet, I am SO ready for August 21. It's become difficult to tear myself away from making lists and perusing my Lonely Planet in order to go to work or sleep. Patience is a virtue, I hear. I think that means I have none of it.

Just a week ago, I was getting myself all worked up over things I would miss in the 10 months while abroad. I was angry that my nieces and nephews would surely look different next I saw them, and would nearly burst into tears every time the thought entered my mind; then I would get irritated when friends and family dared talk about the holidays or make any plans for occasions that would take place while I'm across the world. How dare people continue living life without my presence! Seriously, now.

Yep, I've been preettyyy self-absorbed. But the last few times I was set and ready to feel sorry for myself or complain about people not being considerate enough of my feelings, I was touched by situations in which people have, you know, VALID concerns in their lives. The humility stung for a bit, but it popped things back into perspective pretty quickly. So, here's to wake-up calls--of which I am grateful. Cheers.

Departure = 16 days.

Bring on the adventure.