Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Departure = two months

Whoop! My first entry! I'm determined to get into the habit of journaling via this blog; so, here I am.

I have a loooong way to go as far as preparations for the big move. I went through a spurt, right after I graduated in May, where I was reading up on Chinese history and studying Chinese geography non-stop. The excitement has been tamed a bit and now I've fallen into a daily schedule of working and then coming home, relaxing, and spending time with family. I'm pretty excited that it's time to switch up to second gear. He is so good to me. Please lift up good thoughts concerning preparations, especially in the form of fundraising, for me.

I am very fortunate for the summer job that I've landed... times two. Fort Walton Beach, normally teeming with businesses eager to hire sales associates and waitresses to assist with the rush of summer tourists, has been strangely void of these miserable, minimum pay customer service positions. This, no doubt, is another effect of our stuggling economy. Therefore, I did not go back to my position at Belk among low-rise jeans and tube tops, rather, I find myself at a well-respected local day camp escorting bouncing, bubbling, and ever tattling 5 year-olds on numerous field trips around the Emerald Coast. No complaints, here.

I have an adorable Chinese girl in my Pre-Kindergarten group. She has been teaching me basic Chinese vocabulary per my request; mostly she has tutored me in numbers and body parts. She is amazing to me--what with being bilingual in such diverse languages at such a young age. Despite occasionally getting confused as to whether she is speaking Chinese or English, she is an excellent teacher. On the other hand, my skills as a language learning student are not quite so impressive. I have yet to pronounce her name correctly. This, as you can imagine, is the product of a lot of laughter--hers.

Just a reminder that I will be accessing this blog throughout my stay in China, so comments to be posted now and in the future should be done so.. thoughtfully. :)

EEEK! (Random squeal of excitement. Sorry.)


  1. haha I love the post. I'm soooo looking forward to this year! Sounds like your little friend has a lot of fun teaching you me you're not the only person who struggles with it. It'll come quickly though :) When it comes packing time shoot me a message and I'll try to give you some advice and/or answer questions.

  2. yay! your a blogger :D im so excited for you. its gonna be such an experience. i bet youre such a fun teacher. lol. well i cant wait to read more about everything...