Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long time, no blog

Well, let's see.. I've been living in China for about 2 months now. This would be a good time to catch ALL of my readers (yes, all of you) up on all that's gone on in my life (since you're dying to know) now that I've switched countries...

First, there was the day i moved here. First visual that comes to mind--squatty potty. *gag*

First thoughts that came to mind: "Mhmmmm, and where's the edible food?"

Then I got settled in, started teaching, made some amigas and amigos, traveled, taught some more, set up some "important" studies (hallelujah), aaaaand, we're back. And now--I love it. China + Me = Togetha 4 Eva (or for a year, anyway.)

Today I taught an 8:00 class to my "naughty" students. (This is the common term Chinese people use for bad behavior, I promise) Truly, it was the closest I've gotten to losing my cool. I have a few rich, spoiled students so it's not always all fun and games. I really like them, though... this particular class is just a bit loud and crazy. They need a dose of healthy fear. Maybe I'll bring in a yardstick and start slapping the tops of their desks with it with every point I make and thens start slapping the backs of their heads every time they speak in Chinese. Brilliant. I should have asked myself for advice earlier.

it's actually chilly today. Yay, Autumn!! I love me some cool, crisp air. Scarf time?! Yesh!

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