Saturday, September 18, 2010

Traffic Jam

Question: What do you do when a 15 or 20 minute bus ride into town turns into a 70 minute ride?  My Answer: Take pictures of the bored people on the bus, of our exaggerated faces of misery, and of the cute little Chinese people stuck in traffic next to bus; yell, "Tian tian kuai le!" (meaning: Be happy every day) out the window to strangers; and sweat.  (Cause... it's 500 degrees outside.)


  1. A traffic jam? In yichang?? 70 minutes is more than enough time to walk down to the square too!

  2. i remember when we had one of those.....and it was at the END of a long trip, on the way home from the train station. gag me.

  3. I'm glad you told everyone to have a happy every day. That surely made their days better.