Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was in the middle of jumping up and down while turning in circles when I look over at the door and see two of the administrators gaping at us from my classroom door-- Hmm. Maybe playing Simon Says with the high school class on the last day of my part-time job wasn't such a bight idea; Well, at least they missed the part where we were all jamming to non-existent music just minutes prior-- Just as these thoughts enter my mind, the administrators timidly step inside and ask if they can video my intriguing lesson. They smile widely behind a camera as we take turns choosing students to step in front of the class and play Simon-- My instructions? Order us to do whatever they please as long as they can express it in English. (In case you are wondering, Chinese High School students are far and beyond more innocent in nature than American High School students.)  Later I receive an email thanking me for my excellent English lessons. Go figure.  

Sigghhh. I'm going to miss teaching English as a second language.


  1. you are definately fitting in over there. it wasnt until my second glance at the picture that i even realized you were in it! lol. cant wait to see your smiling face :o)

  2. simon says was totally my favorite fallback. *elizabeth, not zack.