Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jessica's a' Comin' To Towwwwwn.

She's makin' a list. Checkin' it twice... I felt like blogging today, but didn't feel up to being sappy or sentimental about my first year in China, and this is the only way to do that. You see, in 3 weeks I will back in the good 'ol US of A. It seems hard to believe. But I will save my thoughts and mixed emotions regarding China for another time.

For now, it's time to focus on things ahead.

Liiiike what I want to do when I first arrive in America: (*SQUEAL*)

1. After squealing, my first plan as soon as I disembark from the plane is to sing the national anthem, and kiss the ground I walk on. Maybe I'll even eat off of it- Yeah, it'll seem that clean after dodging giant loogies on the ground all year. (Sorry, if I just grossed you out. But.. they're not my loogies. Don't kill the messenger..err.. blogger.)

2. I will then promptly turn to a random person with a sarcastic remark or joke that only a fellow native would understand... I might still be the only one that thinks I'm funny, but I'll gladly settle for a mercy laugh that we Americans are so good at, or even a look of comprehension.

3. 'Merican FOOD. Unfortunately, as my friend Elizabeth pointed out to me, my first American meal will most likely occur in the LA airport. So, I'll settle with anything cheap that I couldn't get in China. Which is most things. (A list of the first meals I want to have is another list entirely.)

4. I will then run to the Ladies Room, and dance around a Western toilet supplied with *gasp* its own toilet paper and then wash my hands with *gasp* also supplied soap.

5. Perhaps at this point I may take the time to call my family and talk to loved ones for the first time without the aid of a fuzzy computer. I'll also probably cry out of excitement and delirium.

6. Assuming I'm not ready to pass out due to the exhaustion of moving, being at my third airport of five, so far 20 hours in the air, and a serious cause of jet lag, I will then prance around the gift stores flipping through English newspapers, magazines, and paper back books.

7. Perhaps at this point I will simply sit in a chair, waiting for my next flight to Dallas or Houston, Texas (whatever), and stare at all of the, what will surely seem to look like, very tall and large Americans, after my time in the more petite population of China, with the same wide eyed stare that I've come to usually recieve rather than supply.

8. Upon arrival in some airport in Texas, I may repeat these actions, or, more likely, I will merely exist, unconscious, in some chair, or corner on the ground, and hope that someone will wake me up before lift-off to Pensacola.

9. After arriving in Pensacola, everything gets blurry between reunions that I've anticipated more than a little, gift giving that I've carefully thought out, checking off an entirely separate list completely composed of food, and kissing my nephews and nieces about 12 dozen times.

10. Lastly, when things settle down, I may take a moment to think of my friends still in Yichang, and sign onto Skype to brag to Katie, Zack, and Elizabeth about the American food that I ate that day

Anyway, this is just a quick list I threw together. Nothing I've thought about in great detail, or anything.

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