Monday, June 28, 2010

Mushy Gushy to YOU, Z, E & K

About one year and two months ago, I made a call late at night to a family friend, someone I now call my agent, who would be leaving for China the next day to obtain teaching jobs in China: "I need you to assure me I won't be alone."

"We won't let you end up on your own."

*Deep breath* "Then sign me up."

And that was that. On the last night possible, I signed up to move to China the next year. And there was no turning back. And I haven't looked back.

I still wonder what possessed me to do it. I had never even been to Asia before. I had never spent more than one month overseas. (Not counting the first 5 years of my life that were spent in Brasil, that is.) My family was reluctant to see their single daughter go so far, especially to a place, that many Americans falsely believe is dangerous. And despite my efforts, I couldn't convince any of my friends to come with me.

I certainly like to think some good was done by my being in Yichang this past year. Or should I say, He did some good through me, but all I know for sure is, I am a better person for it. The reasons for that are many. But there are three reasons that are easy to name-- Katie, Zack, and Elizabeth.

Without one of these three people, I know that my year in China would have been vastly different and more difficult. Without one of these three people, I wouldn't have been affected in the same ways. We challenged each other at times, mostly in positive ways. Valuing unity, and each holding a greater purpose on our hearts, we worked together, we traveled together, and we celebrated Holidays together. And I know, on my part, I've grown from the conversations I've had and the time spent with each of these 3 people, whom I've come to respect and love.

Not to be sappy, but I've been blessed to be a part of your Chinese family Katie, Zack, and Elizabeth. I, along with Yichang, will miss you!

(I mean, c'mon, I've been gone a week. I don't miss you yet.. :)

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