Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Spots in Yichang: Children's Park

The other week, I joined two of my friends on a morning outing to Children's Park, to celebrate Children's Day (another holiday the US should adopt from China--along with Singles' Day) and we went despite the rain.  (If you cancel outings due to rain around here, little will get done.)  In my opinion, Children's Park is the coolest place in Yichang (Closely followed by Yiling Square). And yes, way cooler than the Three Gorge Sham..err..Dam.  Just kidding. (Sort of.) I wouldn't want to diss the world's largest structure of its kind, and this city's pride.  It's cool that it's the biggest, and an engineering marvel.  But it's still a hunk of concrete, right? Why does everyone travel to see something just because it's big?  I would rather visit a moderately sized something pretty.  Idon'tgetit. 

Alas, I digress... back to the park; It's got loads of things to do, including paddle boats, rollerskating, feeding birds (if you're up for an arm scratching frenzy), haunted houses, carnival type games, a bit of shopping and tons of awesome play areas for kids.  Yet, strangely, it never seems very crowded.  That's what I like about Yichang--it's got a lot of benefits of a big city, without seeming overly populated. (Except of course when my arms are weighed down with groceries, and I can't find a cab, or I have to pull out my dagger-like elbows in order to get on the last bus run of the night.)

That's all in this edition of Lonely Planet. [Before I make anymore unnecessary, (yet enthralling) parenthetical statements.]


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