Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

So, this one day I ride my bike to class. If you know me at all, you know that I have no patience to get anywhere early. Sit in class and wait for the students to arrive? hah! I'd rather bust in minutes before the bell rings--out of breath and with my hair styled by the wind.

So, I get to the J-building, where I teach English on the fourth floor--which is really quite quaint; It makes me feel like I'm teaching in a one room schoolhouse--no computers, no projectors, no heating, and no funny business.

Anyway, so I'm outside of the J-building and I mess around with my lock to secure my bike for a while, only for it to jam up on me. Running short on time and patience, as always, I manage to yank my key out and skip off to class taking one last look at the bike and hoping for the best.

After class, I head back out of the building and remember that I'd left my bike unattended and unsecured. I quickly spot it and feel relieved, however, as soon as I get closer I see that my blue bike lock that I had left loosely strewn over the metal railing has been nicely draped over my seat, and a strange green lock has been placed around the front tire of my bike, attaching it to not only the metal bike rack, but another bike. My first reaction was like, "Wha?! Is this some weird way of stealing someone's property??" Then, I see the note. It's in Chinese, so I can't read it, but I'm sure it says something to the effect of, "Lock it or lose it, you fool." There's a phone number written across the bottom. I don't bother calling and trying to communicate in English to a Chinese student over the phone--I just manage to secure my bike should the person leave, and I figure I'll come back for it later. I only leave a note that says, "Thank you!" in English and draw a smiley face, knowing I haven't conveyed the depths in which I have been touched.

I guess it's just nice to feel taken care of every now and then. :]

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