Friday, November 13, 2009

Dedicated to the Katester

Once there was a girl named Kitty. And she became the roommate of JessCia. Kitty was from the great land Oklahoma, where everybody wears Cowboy hats and eats okra. And JessCia was from Florida/Pennsylvania--most importantly known as two of the Swing States in American Presidential elections.

Kitty and JessCia adopted a pet turtle Kitty aptly named Nuwanda after they went through a Dead Poets Society kick.

Together, JessCia and Kitty raised Nuwanda with much love in the happenin' place of Yichang, China. Kitty kept him warm and fed, and JessCia occasionally picked him up and watched him kick his wittle wegs.

Together they experienced ultimate camaraderie by listening to fantastic music at high volume (most likely to the dismay of their neighbors), regularly studying the Good Book with their friends, and, of course, giggling together.

Kitty established herself as the homemaker particularly by the way she baked and cooked many delicious things throughout their time together. JessCia would contribute by occasionally changing a light bulb, thanks to her great lankiness that the Lord had blessed her with, thus establishing herself as the (figurative) man of the house.

Kitty enjoyed a good run on many occasions while JessCia would (very) occasionally join Chinese men on the basketball court and whoop their behinds.

JessCia and Kitty both love to write fictional stories and even formed a super secret club where they wrote stories and shared them with each other. Said club is not supposed to mentioned in JessCia's blog.... oops. However, JessCia knew that this club's secret was not out because no one read her blog but Kitty.

(Thank you, Kitty.)

Yes, theres was a life of much joy and love.


Let it be known that both Kitty and JessCia, although very happy as a Chinese family, are very much keen on the striking, intelligent, and Good Book lovin' male variety. Although, obviously, we don't need them to be complete nor happy. Thank you.

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