Monday, November 16, 2009

Starvation or hypothermia: That is the question

The weather is FREEZING cold. So cold I'm actually wearing a scarf inside the house right now. (I hate things around my neck. It makes me itch.) So cold, I fall asleep embracing my hot water bottle. So cold, I made no-bake cookies for dinner tonight to avoid going out in the frigid air to obtain acceptable sustenance for dinner. :/ Yeah, THAT bad. This is a big deal for me being that I'm more of a eating out to avoid staying in kind of girl. I love eating out! Katie and I have discovered that I will actually walk a mile in the rain to buy something as simple as fried rice before I would even consider frying bacon--Now you understand me; I don't handle the cold well. THis is a predicament, and I'm slightly afraid I'm going to dwindle down to nothing by the end of the winter season. I am in peril. Who will save me? Why am I having dreams about frozen pizza? Where has all the instant food I lived on in college gone?!?! OK, I'll stop being dramatic now. I suppose I'll just go grocery shopping sooner than later. Maybe I'll cook something... sometime... maybe... BAH! Gotcha. Besides, the kitchen's cold, too.

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