Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Even better : )

Here's something I've found to be true:  life is beautiful.

It's not always obvious.  Sometimes we have to search for it.  But hidden in the folds of misery are sparks of pure beauty waiting to be discovered.

I saw some of it tonight.  As the curtains close on my first year in China I witnessed the power of the one directing the show.  He led two beautiful girls to him and they fell in love with his goodness.  They want to be with him forever so they gave up their former lives for fresh, new ones.  Water took away all the old faults and left them pure and whole.  We are sisters now.

The celebrations were made all the more joyous when I learned today I am definitely going to be hired for another term to serve here in China.  No more waiting in limbo, waiting for my future to be decided!  I can begin planning for the next semester knowing that He is taking care of me and is working mightily through me.  I can't wait to see what gems lie in store for the future.

Courtesy of Katie Marshall

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