Saturday, May 15, 2010

Images of a Successful Day

Brothers and Sisters from Jingzhou come to visit us.  They teach the Word in their dialect of Chinese. There are in-depth discussions going on long after each of the meetings. 

Sitting in the midst of it all, I watch shining eyes, and furrowed brows, and gratefully soak in the energy that comes from talking about subjects larger than life, despite not understanding everything spoken.

I belt out the lyrics with all of the others voices blending in song. Throughout the room brothers and sisters close their eyes as they sing with all their hearts.  

We dish out the food we've prepared; laughter rings throughout the room, friendships are formed, stomachs are filled.

Before we say "Amen," I sneak a peak: Eyes closed so tight, heads bowed so low.

Students accept free copies of the good book, eagerly flipping through, and clutching them as they leave, showering us in gratitude.

Farewells are made between believers in Yichang and Jingzhou as we grasp hands, exchange emails, and wish blessings on each other.  

And with souls energized, and hearts warmed, we go home.

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