Friday, May 14, 2010

Every last one of the 34 Things I Did Today... You're welcome.

  1. Rolled out of bed after much adieu.
  2. Taught my 8:00 class through puffy eyes and a sick feeling stomach.
  3. Came back
  4. ..No comment
  5. Felt better..
  6. Talked to Nora on Skype while I fried bacon.
  7. Said goodbye.
  8. Greeted Katie after class.
  9. Took shower.
  10. Made pancakes.
  11. Ate pancakes.
  12. Felt much better.
  13. Intended to study Chinese.
  14. Strummed on the gee-tar.
  15. Figured out it was the last day for my Chinese Pod free trial.
  16. Downloaded 10 jillion Chinese lessons.
  17. Didn't study Chinese.
  18. Went to Wal-Mart with the crew.
  19. Bought a lot of food.
  20. Put money on my phone.
  21. Greeted our Jingzhou guests.
  22. Ate chicken and had fellowship.
  23. Had an amazing time singing.
  24. Tried to listen to the lesson.
  25. Couldn't understand.
  26. Had more excellent fellowship.
  27. Played with Elizabeth's cute, wittle puppy Alexander found on the street.
  28. Tried to join in on heated debated going on in the living room.
  29. Couldn't understand.
  30. Went back to the apartment.
  31. Chit-chatted with the Katester.
  32. Ate a bowl of cereal.
  33. Downloaded Chinese Pod Lessons until I started seeing spots.
  34. Aaaaannd, updated blog in a zombie-like trance before going to bed.

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