Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Smell Like Pharisees

Being far from the body of believers in the US, I've been meditating a lot on why the Family isn't growing in America.  And to answer this question, I first saw the problem in myself.

I can feel myself changing.  Yes, it's been ever so slowly, but He is at work in me, I hope.  More and more I fight to concern myself with others lives and worry about their struggles and think that much less about my own.  …Boy, is that hard, or what?  Well, it's hard for me.

 Less of self, and more of thee… 

When I read about the Son, I am frustrated just by how much further I am from the goal than I ever knew before.   I am selfish, I can be judgmental, and my heart has been hardened to those in need.  Discouraging, right?  But then it dawns on me, that at last I've come to the point of self-realization.  From what I can see, the members of the body who are the most difficult, and the most divisive, are those that would happily evaluate themselves as a genuinely good person—someone who is better than most people. 

And it might be true.  Certainly these people aren't committing crimes; maybe they're self-disciplined, and perhaps even more giving with their material possessions than the average Joe.  But it is this satisfaction that people have with themselves that seems, to me, to be the most dangerous mindset anybody could have.

I just wonder what incredible things we could all be doing if we breathed in a good dose of humility, observing the large gap between our own actions and those of the Son of Man.  What if we all thought about what else we could be doing rather than kept a tally of all the things we've already done?

None of self, and all of thee…

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