Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Write on!

Oi! I'm not sure I knew what I was thinking when I proposed a daily blog post.  How do some people do it?

Anyway, here are some journal entires (some are excerpts) that I had typed up in a Word Document last term to remember my students by. The students are instructed to write 5 sentences in English about anything they want.  Spelling remains unaltered. Enjoy!


"Today I got up late so I don't have breakfast.  Mrs. Jassica is the best teacher of the teacher that ever taught us. The teacher wear much beautiful than before, I think her must very happy. My teacher Jassica also that beautiful, when I see her I think I must learn English well, or I will can't fellow her. Today is sunny, no wind."


1. I'm hungry today

2. Because I have nothing for my breakfast 

3. I want to a bottle of water and a cup of and something to eat

4. I think that's enough for me, but I'm still hungry

5. So I hope to have a big meal. but how? it's impossible we are in the class.


"I can't guess what Miss Jessica will do every do.  But she always give us surprise and make all of us laugh."


"One stone two birds.  I really like to make it happen, but at last I missed it."


  1.            My Chinese name is Wu Xiung Long my Enlgish name is Kobe
  2.       .    I like Jesscia very much.
  3.      .     I like in play basketball.
  4.    .  I want to make a lot of money in the future.
  5.       .   My English is so pool. So I want to improve my English.


"I get up early, but not have breakfast, I'm hamgre now."


"Today is Monday.  This is a rainy day.  I'm taking classes English.  My English teacher let me wirt five sentences.  So I did that as above."


"Most of us like having this class and this it's interesting and full of fun.  But, I sometime fear of it.  I worry about the teacher ask me to answer ask me to answer or do some other things.  It doesn't mean I dislike it, just don't know how to do with it."


"My stomach have some problem.  Because of I felt not very well with my stomach.  I think I must be well in several days"

NEXT ENTRY…. "Today is fine, because my body change fine."


"I feel happy for have so kind teacher."


"We are only take class and do homework and do homework.  I know we must study hard in university, but we also need play."


"It's raining today.  And I'm not fine.  I missed my family very well.  At school, I want to try my best to do everything well.  But not at all.  I don't want to go abroad after graduation.  It well depend on much money and much time.  For my family, it's a big pressure.  I only want to make everything better.  Try my best to get much knowledge, find a good job for myself.  To make my family happiness which is my best wish."


"It rains.  I don't like rainy day. I don't feel very good.  But today's course makes me alittle happy.  And I think it will be a sunny day tomorrow."


"I'm not like the life now I living.  Time past quickly, but I find I have learned nothing. I don't understand myself, what am I?  I think I can do many things.  In fact, I can do nothing.  I know my body is bad, but why do I smoke often?  I said to everyone. "please live happily, because you will die so long".  Even though, I'm not happy.  Ya-Ha I want to be a happiness boy. I haven't been happiness, why?  Perhaps it's my mistake."


"In the morning we had an oral English class and the foreign teacher. Jessica wore a t-shirt and a long dress. Came to our class.  I thought she is beautiful and so cool because today's weather was not very high."


"But the most exciting thing is that I am nice to see my Enlgish teacher—Jesscia


"Last night Bill went to play basketball and hurt himself in his face.  when he went back to the dormitory he alway standed in front of the mirror to check the injury.  He felt sorry to see other people because the apparent injury has bad influence on his image.  He is going to cry and unhappy."

"After lunch, I went to sleep.  It is nice that I have dreamt Kobe.  And when I woke up, I felt disappointed because that just a dream."


"I was very thankful to Jassica.  Because when I was debting she was listened. Although she couldn't understand."

"The morning of today is so hurry we don't want to be late for Jassica's class so we not have breakfast. When I come in the classroom.  I say hellow to Jassica, but she looks like unhappy and not even take glare at me."

"I prefer like to agree this view. When I see some lovers do all things together.  I am eagerly to make a girl friends."

"Last night. when we over the class.  Bill and Alex played basketable. as other members whom they come from grate two in this unvisity joined played basketable. Maybe it was for dark. One of members has fouled in the game and unfortunately his hands beat Bill's face. so it was made Bill's blood boil and left the playground."

I have a feeling these mean a good deal more to me than you, but I felt that these quotes are the appropriate ratio for the types of entires I got all last term.  I always loved hearing about the same instance from several students.  This term, I have them journal on topics of MY choosing.  I'll fill you in on those goodies another time..

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